Development, Standardization and Evaluation of AntimicrobialActivity of Herbal Tooth Powder

Tiwari, S., Chhangani, J., Padole S.,Bafana A., Kannan K.

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp1-10, 2019

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Breastabnormality   Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Hankare K.

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp11-17, 2019

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Analysisof Early Detection Method of Diabetes Disease

Adhi T.,Kyung R.

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp18-26, 2019

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Activity Monitoring and Tracking for Cardiac EehabilitationPatients   

Usama P.; Saed K.; Tajwar A.

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp27-32, 2019

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Different Steganographic Techniques on Medical ImagesRegarding Their Efficiency

Preet K., Gagandeep J.

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp33-40, 2019

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