Numerical Studies On Flow Field Selection ofProton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Lei Shi, Minggang Zheng

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp1-4, 2019

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Research On the Training Mode of Computer ProfessionalInnovative Talents Under the Background of New Engineering

Yunli Cheng

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp5-9, 2019

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Will Venture Capital be More Patient ThanBank with Firm Innovation: Based On the Contingent Analysis BetweenNon-Financial Value-Added Services

Guanghui Hou, Jianguo Zhang

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp10-15, 2019

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The Design of Forest Firealarm SystemPowered by Solar Energy

Yi Hu, Rui Su

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp16-17, 2019

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Analysis of The Exam Situation Based onClustering Algorithm Normal College of Beijing Union University

Feng Han

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp18-19, 2019

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Evaluation of Civil Administration Based OnFuzzy Computing and Grey Relational Analytic Process

Mei-Er Zhuang, Wen-Tsao Pan

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp20-25, 2019

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Nitrous Oxide Emissions and Its InfluencingFactors Inmaize Field

Yuzhou Jiang, Qingli Liu, Zhihong Li,Yungui Zhang, Yan Zou, Jingwei Zhu, Junxiong Shi, Heng Zhang

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp26-31, 2019

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Research on Circulation Chain of Take-OutPackaging Box from Online Ordering Platform at Guangzhou Higher Education MegaCenter

Weishen Wu, Huiquan Qin, Ying Lan, ZuchangZhong, Shimin Yang, Hanguang Liu, Jiayan Liu, Yanting Lei

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp32-37, 2019

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Protection of Investor Interests in Asset Securitization Based on Big Data——Research on Legal Issues of Real Sale and Bankruptcy Isolation

Kai Ji

Volume 1, Issue.1, pp38-44, 2019

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