Design and Control of a Superconducting DCLinear Motor for Electromagnetic Launch System

G. Liu, J. Li

Vol.1, Issue.1, pp1-8, 2019

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A Parallel Computing Framework for Cloud Services

A. Fang, X. Hu, C. Chen, Z. Sheng

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp9-16, 2019

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Improved Spectral Clustering Algorithm and Its Application in Recommender System

X. Li, Z, J. Wang

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp17-25, 2019

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A Recognition Approachof Radar Blips Based on Improved Fuzzy C Means

W. He

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp26-33, 2019

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Text Optimization Analysis for the Financial Corpus

B. E. Getne

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp34-39, 2019

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Delegating Private Key Derivation in Hierar-Chical Identity

K. Jing, R. Ismail,M. W. M. Shafer

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp40-45, 2019

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Research on Positioning and Framework Design of Information Mapping System

Qing An, Yuhua Ouyang , Jiangtao Hou

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp46-51,2019

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Research on the Integrated Development of Cultural Tourism under the Background of Wireless Communication

Hechi Gan, Yaoguang Li, Yanan Song

Vol 1, Issue 1, pp52-56,2019

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